Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Aquarium equipment must be planned carefully

Aquarium equipment must be planned carefully . aquatic plant life , as well as provide additional biological filtration components to assist in keeping the nitrate content in water management , provide an environment that resembles at least part of its wild habitat , and fine -leaved plants such as Cabomba plants typically be preferred , though other crops such as Amazon swordplants and Vallisneria equally suitable for their aquarium .
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Floating plants will provide shade . It should be noted in this fish breeding . A biotope ( habitat miniature original ) contained perfect bogwood , some native plant life , dark substrate , plants floating in it and the lights were quiet ( not too bright ) to give them the comfort that they would spawn .
This species exists in several forms of different colors or phenotype . A " gold " and " silver kepirangan " is the form that is in the waters of the Rio Negro which has little longitudinal blue lines . Normal form of the waters of Rio Negro has a blue line that extends to the adipose fin , while the waters of the Orinoco phenotype has a line that stops before its adipose . Orinoco phenotype may be a subspecies of P. axelrodi .

After spawning , the parent may be taken or removed from the aquarium . After 24 hours , the eggs will hatch . Usually the water for the hatchery is not aerated so that the pH stable . If given , aerasinya very kecil.Cara Neon Tetra Fish Farming There also gives leaves that sour acidity of water are met .Transparent colored larvae and rather difficult to see with the naked eye . These larvae are intolerant or resistant to strong light so it would be better if treated in the dark or dim .
Age four days fed larvae can begin . The first larvae f
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014eed infusoria be given for three days . Then the larvae can be nauplii anemia or filtered water fleas . Feed for enlargement in the form of large water fleas .
These include rapid growth of fish as long as conditions are suitable . Magnifying can be started from seed 3-4 weeks old . In the age of the fish was able to be maintained in a bright place , although still to be shaded . Size 1.8 cm or 2.5 months of age already dap

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