Thursday, May 29, 2014

Propagation WITH INDUCTION Puppies

Choose a healthy stem with many clumps of saplings.
Cut saplings carefully. Save some segments on sires that still sprout again.
Apply root stimulator to the cut in the stem. The goal is to accelerate the growth of new shoots.
Dip the entire plant saplings in a fungicide solution to prevent fungal infections.
Mdeia planting saplings planted in a mixture of peat and coco husk fuel (3:1).
Place the seedlings in the shade until roots (about 3 weeks).
Give fertilizer with vitamin B1, as Liquinox or IPI, a total of 2 cc / l every 3 days to accelerate root formation.
3. Propagation WITH INDUCTION Puppies
Prepare parent Aglaonema.

Hosting MurahPrepare the pointed tip of a bamboo skewer.
Dip the tip of a sharp bamboo to fungicide solution.
Agalonema skewer rod at the bottom of the stem or as high as 2 cm from the media.
After 1-2 months, the puppies will begin to emerge.
Treat breeders with regular fertilization to produce a child continuously. Fertilizing once a week with a solution of balanced NPK.
Replace the media at least 6 months sires.
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Domain Murah    Shh, It's Secret Family Jokowi

Marzuki Alie in the Winning Team - In general, people prefer to raising goats, chickens or cows. However, not for Makdum (46), a resident of the village of Appeal, Banjarnegara, Central Java (Central Java). He prefers to breed ants.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Empowering Sawah land

Empowering Sawah land , marginal land or yard area , while creating models of development to increase income people with berbudidaya fish / shrimp that have high economic value .2 . Improving the quality of fishery commodities exports , both seed supply and consumption3 . Supporting activities tourism development mina :Agen Bola Tangkas food court all fish, fishing and water tourism4 . Supporting the development of integrated farming5 . Inviting groups of fish / shrimp to the level of a professional business and legal entities ( at least members of the cooperative )6 . STAGE DEVELOPMENT FRESHWATER FISHING FARMING ( prawns )
To support the development of freshwater aquaculture export quality , beberpa things that need to be taken are :
1 .Determine the location of each region / area fishery as a central potential for freshwater aquaculture : fish , shrimp ( Government Task )2 . Promoting the investors to invest as well as the core development of freshwater aquaculture . And empower local communities to be educated / trained as a plasma of fish / shrimp freshwater ( Government Task )3 . Implement infrastructure development of freshwater aquaculture , in order to meet the needs of seeds and fish / shrimp consumption in order to meet the local market and for export outside the region ( Tasks Government and Investors )4 . Establish a pattern of cooperation between the Banking , Private as its core , and cooperative groups of fish / shrimp as plasma .5 . Establish marketing network both inside and outside the country with the MOU ( Tasks Government and Investors )6 . Promote the provision of seed fish / shrimp and cheaper for farmers feed fish / shrimp ( Tasks Government and Investors )7 . Provision of Health Services Unit Fish

Roller Blindsa. Fish health parlors are located in the area of ​​production centersb . Around the fish health unit
( The task of Government and Investors )7 . PATTERN PARTNERSHIP CORE PLASMA

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Caterpillar agrotis

Pulau Tidung    Symptoms experienced in the trunk young corn plants are breaking up eventually die .
Agrotis sp . Attack at night and during the day . There are 3 kinds armyworm / agrotis this , namely :

Agrotis segetum , who is black , often found in highland areas .
Agrotis ipsilon , brownish-black , found in upland areas and low
Agrotis INTERJECTION , black color , there are many on the island of Java
3 . Control caterpillars with insecticides Dursban 20 EC , at a dose of 2 ml per 1 liter of water . Each hectare can be used 500 liters of solution
4 . Borer leaf and stem borer

Parts of maize plants attacked by caterpillars and Sesamia inferens pyrasauta nubilasis is lower stem segments and leaf buds growing point of the corn crop .
Symptoms plants wither .
Countermeasures by using insecticides Azodrin 15 WSC at a dose of 30 liters in 10 liters of water .

5 . Caterpillar cob ( Heliothis armigera )

Symptoms can be seen in the presence of bite marks on the presence of tunnels in the seed and corn cobs .
Cob caterpillar attack / enter the plant through the corn cobs , corn kernels new consuming .
Control by spraying using Furadan 3G or to make a hole near the plant , given insecticide and closed again .
The dose used is 10 grams per square meter .
Should be done when the corn crop is flowering , not before harvest , because it can harm us who participated consume corn because residues of the insecticide .
Disease in maize, namely :

Taruhan Bola Online1 . Blight leaf or leaf rustLeaf blight can be divided into three kinds , namely :Corn plants are plants that have high levels of photosynthesis , thus, it needs sunlight . So a good location for the cultivation of maize is an open area in the form of paddy fields atu which is not protected from sunlight .

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Weather anomalies that occur in the area

Weather anomalies that occur in the area of Yogyakarta impact on decreasing the production of ornamental fish such as koi fish managed Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayafarmer groups in Sleman . Decreased production of ornamental fish due to the uncertain weather reached 55 percent . " Fish production hiasnya during ... Read More »Koi Fish SeedLess Semarang Koi Fish SupplyBy budidayaikan , August 23 , 2013 0 Raising Koi
The rise of koi hobbyist in Semarang , led to a significant increase in demand . Unfortunately, the high demand has not been matched by the supply of fish from breeders . Head of the Department of Marine Aquaculture Semarang Personal Strong said the lack of supply due to the number of koi fish koi breeders in Semarang ... Read More »Jogja Koi Show 2013Jogja Jogja degree Koi Club Koi Show 2013By budidayaikan , June 27 , 2013 0 News , Raising Koi
Community koi lovers in the city of Yogyakarta , Yogyakarta Koi Club , will hold a beauty contest contest koi nationwide titled '4 th Jogja Koi Show 2013 ' . The event will be held in XT Square began Friday, June 28 until the Sunday, June 30, 2013 .... Read More »Koi Fish ExportsMashuri , Lucky Hundreds of Millions Of Koi FishBy budidayaikan , May 26 , 2013 0 Raising Koi , Success Stories
Blitar city has been well known as a center for the cultivation of koi fish . See, when you enter the city of Blitar , Blitar City street corner there is a statue of koi fish , a marker that is the center of Blitar Koi. Arguably some of the people ... Read More »KHV Koi Herpes VirusIPB Discover How Fish KHV Disease DetectionBy budidayaikan , April 29, 2013 0 Raising Goldfish , Koi Cultivation
Researchers from the Institut Pertanian Bogor , West Java ,
LIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA discover new technologies from attacks by detecting fish Koi Herpes virus ( KHV ) that plagued so as to prevent mass death of fish due to the virus . " We found a simple way ( using PCR analysis ) to choose ... Read More »

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