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Breeding Mahogany In Generative

Breeding Mahogany In Generative
Breeding is generally done in generative mahogany but can also be augmented by using shoot cuttings sprout on mahogany trees. The germinated seeds mature / old dry reach 80-90%. Before embedded kernels cut mahogany wings, then planted to a depth of 2-4 cm in the sand media in polybag with the position of the wing cut side facing up. Seed can be weaned to the media is soil + compost (3:1) after 2-4 weeks. Mahogany direct seeding can also be done on soil + compost media. Mahogany seedlings are ready to plant afte  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayar 3-4 months of age with the average height of 30-40.
In Indonesia there are two types namely Swietenia macrophyllia King (large leaf Mahogany) Swietenia mahogany and Jaq (Mahogany small leaves). Broad leaf mahogany
have relatively faster growth than small leaf mahogany.
Photos: Swietenia mahogany Jacq (small leaves) and Swietenia macropyhlla King (leaf width)
1. Procurement seed
To obtain wood productivity and high quality vertical to
enabled the application of good seed. Good seed obtained from tree
seedlings were older than 20 years. Consuming beans do when
fruit ripe dark brown.

2. Soaking seeds
Mahogany seed soaking technique is intended to facilitate the entry of water into the seed pieces. Since the beginning of the process of germination is imbibition process namely the entry of water into the seed to seed water content reaches a certain percentage of between 50-60%. The process of germination can occur if the skin is permeable to water seeds and enough water available to certain osmotic pressure. Due to the occurrence of seed imbibition skin will be soft and cracks. Along with the process of imbibition will occur increases respiration rate activates the enzymes contained therein. To develop the proposed overhaul of food (catabolism) that will produce ATP energy and nutrient elements which will be followed by the formation of protein compounds (anabolism / protein synthesis). For the formation of new cells in the embryo will follow the process of differentiation of cells to form plumula which is a prospective, stems and leaves and radikula which is set to root. The second part of this will be bigger until finally the seeds will germinate.
3. Distribution of seeds
a. Sprinkle media used is sand mixed soil with comparison of 2: 1, then screened with wire screening. Sowing is done evenly across the surface of the media.
b. Another way could be sowing the seeds into a large tub or plastic bags that are given small holes. In this way unnecessary weaning seeds, tetapidiperlukan stitching on plastic bags that the seeds do not grow. The treatment is almost the same as the seed weaned. To keep the soil moisture at seeding, watering is done carefully.
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4. Weaning
Germinated from seed or already have 2-4 leaves can be transferred into plastic bag (polybag) has filled the media. The composition is in common use is a mixture of sand, soil and compost by comparison 7: 2: 1.

A few things to note in weaning seeds among others:
a. Extraction from the soil seed sown must be careful and not root broken / damaged.
b. The seedlings grown in plastic bag stand upright and seedling roots do not fold.
c. Seed spared from cuts
d. Weaning is done in the morning or late afternoon and performed under the auspices of.

Seedlings planted in the field after the completion of ± 6 months of age ± 25 cm high (from the base of the stem to the tip of the leaf), the stems of woody seedlings, seedling diameter> 2 mm, healthy and fresh.

B. Breeding Mahogany With Sprouts Steaks
Breeding techniques shoots cuttings generally done in order to produce seeds in bulk for planting operational requirements. With this technique can produce seeds in large quantities. The materials used are of the bud cuttings / trubusan derived from
SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  crop farms, media cuttings used are sand / compost, growth regulator substances, plastic tub / bucket, label, fungicides, cuttings scissors / knife cutter.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Revitalizing Agricultural Fisheries and Forestry (RPPK)

Revitalizing Agricultural Fisheries and Forestry (RPPK) is one of the National Program for the Department of marine and fisheries that have been declared by the precedent of the Republic of Indonesia on 11 June 2005, RPPK a general setrategi aimed at (a) Seasonbet77 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET-IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014improving the welfare of farmers and farmers Fishermen Forest (b ) improving the competitiveness of agricultural products, fisheries and Early in its development, fish farming system is a fish in the pond maintenance efforts involving little human activity and energy rely only on natural food available in these waters. The results showed that the fertile pond fish can be maintained with higher numbers than the less fertile pond because it is available in natural food (plankton, zooplankton) more.
Usually a pool that maintains only one type of fish, the fish will not be able to capitalize on the whole natural food organisms found in the pond. One of the solutions to the problem of the use of natural food in the pond adalag development of fish farming method known as polyculture system.According polyculture system is maintained on a pool of various types of fish require different kinds of food so that each type of fish will not compete for food. This system was able to increase fish production to be higher than the production of fish from the pond with one fish species alone (monoculture).

One of the problems facing the system is the determination combination polyculture fish species are most effective in utilizing the natural food available in the pond. Besides being able to take advantage of natural food in the form of an effective, of
MASTERPOKER88.COM JUDI POKER ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA RESMI DAN TERPERCAYAcourse, a combination of these fishes should be able to live together without creating competition for food or space.
Types of fish that can be cultivated with carp polyculture system is and tilapia, catfish, nilem, catfish and carp. Raising carp and tilapia polyculture more profitable due to the growth of carp and tilapia are very fast.

Budidya fish polyculture system if implemented in accordance with the principles of aquaculture can benefit fish farmers include:

Natural foods such as phytoplankton and zooplankton are available in the pool can be effectively utilized by the fish so that no food is wasted.

Land use becomes inefficient because the same land area can be maintained over many types of fish.
An overall production will increase as the number of fish that are kept in the pool more.
The production of each type of fish will be high Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercayaer when compared with the results of maintenance monoculture.
Density polyculture system the same or lower when compared to monoculture.

Monday, June 16, 2014


PROPIEDADES TÍPICAS picantes, calientes, y la circulación sanguínea. Eficacia carminativas, diaforetik, los diuréticos y los analgésicos. INVESTIGACIÓN Nurendah P. Subanu, Bambang Wahjoedi, Oswald T. Tampubolon, et al. Centro de Investigación Farmacéutica, Ministerio de Agencia LITBANGKES Salud. Ha realizado investigaciones sobre el impacto de las frutas y frutos de chile pimiento de Java, el embarazo Ukar. Arbustos de hibisco clasificadosde los ratones. A partir de estos resultados, resulta que las frutas y frutos Chili Pepper Java en dosis suficientemente grandes, pueden causar ratones resorción fetal. Errasmus S., Sasmitadimedja, Adjad S., et al. Sección de Farmacología de la Facultad de Medicina de ubuntu. Ha llevado a cabo investigaciones sobre los efectos de la pimienta de fruta infusión eliminar el dolor en los ratones. A partir de estos resultados, resulta infusión de la administración oral a una dosis de 500 mg / kg de peso corporal, causando la extensión del tiempo de reacción (PWR), junto con la dosis Gan PWR den de paracetamol 250 mg / kg de peso corporal, y más corto que el PWR para metamizol con una dosis de 250 mg / kg de peso corporal. Sunaryo Sarwono, 1988. Facultad de Farmacia de la Gudang303 Agen Casino Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014  UGM. Supervisor: DVM. Daryono, M.Sc. Ph.D., y el doctor. C.J. Soegihardjo, Apt. Ha estado haciendo la investigación del efecto de la pimienta negro maceración de frutas en polvo frente a la hepatotoxicidad del paracetamol en ratones machos. De los resultados de estos estudios, se remojo pimienta en polvo negro con una dosis de 305.76 mg / kg de peso corporal se administra junto con la administración de la dosis de paracetamol de 250 mg / kg de peso corporal puede inhibir el proceso hepatotoksis en ratones.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wax kale oo aan ka yar tahay muhiim ah waa ay gacanta

Wax kale oo aan ka yar tahay muhiim ah waa ay gacanta of cayayaanka iyo haramaha. Ilaa hadda, cayayaanka ku weerarta dhirta miraha masduulaa waa wax dhif ah laga helo. Cagajuglaynta ugu weyn waa weed ah in loo yaqaanaa la xakameeyo kor
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itaanka dhirta, sidaas darteed ay gacanta waxaa lagu fuliyaa si joogto ah, si ay koritaanka dhirta fiicnayn. Dayactirka xiga ayaa falinjeeerka socodka. Tallaabooyinka bilaabay jarida stem ugu weyn ama Primer xaaladaha ka yar meesha sare gaaray top iyo aad baallaha. Ka dib markii falinjeeerka, waxa uu caadi ahaan koraan doonaa laamihiisa curdanka cusub si ay ul uu leeyahay laan sare. Stem Marka si buuxda u koray, jar mar kale afkoda ilaa Tertiary ah. Tertiary ul ka dibna waa ay noqonaysaa sidii laan ah wax soo saarka.
Ka dib markii nidaamka oo dhan waa dhamaystiran, kaliya ay sugayaan beeralayda guran miraha masduulaagii ahaa. Marka la baarayo, sida loo midho masduulaa waa wax fudud. Dhaqaale dihin Sare oo bixiya lahaa macaash ah oo lagu qanci karo. Sidaa darteed, hana ka baqan in guurto bilowga masduulaa beeridda miro. Happy beeraha!
Waxaa laga yaabaa in dilogikakan karin wuxuu ku garaacday ........... That geedka, ka dibna boogta. Markaas-fangas cudurka fangaska taas oo keeni kara in ay samaynta-aadmiga oo aan dhammaystirnayn oo. Markaas waxaa jira kopyor. Ee ah kuwa rumeeyey, dadaal ay tani tahay inay ku guulaystaan. Laakiin kuwa aan rumaysan, oo aan lagu guulaysan karo ..... Just for the nus-oo-nus oo keliya, mararka qaar si guul iyo mararka qaar oo aan ......... nadiifi aagga of caws ama haramaha.
- Diyaari cirif leh 10cmx10cm size leh 2m sare. Si loo yareeyo kharashka, waxaanu kugula talinaynaa in la isticmaalayo Wood Angsana. Just adi oo dalka, ka dibna alwaax ku noolaan doonaa si aanay u noqon usahashay. Alwaax Angsana waa ammaan iyo oo aan faragalin ku geedo miro masduulaagii ahaa. Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia - Diyaari ciid isku dhafka ah beeritaanka dhexdhexaad ah webiga + compost + peat + arabikhi oo bariis ah ash (2:3:2:1). Haddii ay jiraan dar danbaska bakoorad ku daqiijin jireen sonkorta qashinka, si loo dardar-horumarinta iyo xididdadiisa xaad.
- Diyaari dalool beerto, sida caadiga ahna meel fog ee 2.5 mx2m. 40cmx40cm dalool weyn oo leh si qoto dheer ah 40cm.
- Bareesada booska cirif ee dalool xarunta leh si qoto dheer ah ugu yaraan 10cm ka.
- Gali warbaahinta godka ilaa iyo inta uu ka buuxa.
- Beeritaanka Dragon Fruit waxaa la samayn karaa fogaan ah min. 10 cm ka soo baallaha.
- Hal bil ka dib, ka dibna geedka waxaa sii kordhaya by aadamiga iyo xadadka degmooyinkooda. Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia - Marka geed geedo Dragon Fruit gaarey barbaro ah height si cirif ah, gooyaa caarada ee warshadda, si ay u sameysmi laamood cusub. Hayso laamaha jira 4-6 oo kaliya. Laamaha baa loo soo saran karaa, laakiin sida caadiga ah wax soo saarka miraha hoos. Laakiin taasi looga gudbi karo Yonis ugu badnaan.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Emer and durum, then crossed again with diploid

Emer and durum, then crossed again with diploid grass (Aegilops tauschii) to create a wheat chromosome six. SAgen Bola Indonesiapelled wheat (Triticum spelta) also hexaploid, but only limited cultivated in Europe for materials pasta (spaghetti, macaroni). In addition to the type of Triticum (wheat), also known as wheat barley (Hordeum vulgare, Hordeum distichum and Hordeum tetrastichum), oats (Avena sativa) and rye (Secale cereale). Although it could ditepungkan and made bread, the most widely used three types of wheat for beer, whiskey and fodder.
Various types of wheat, all come from the Middle East and Europe, before spreading to sub-tropical regions around the world. In the Americas, the Aztec society since ancient times, the Mayan and Incan, also are familiar with the bread of flour corn (Zea mays). Producers of other Americans are carb potato (Solanum tuberosum), cassava (Manihot esculenta), arrowroot (Marantha arundinacea), canna (Canna edulis), taro (Xanthosoma sp), and sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas). All of these plants into Indonesia brought the Portuguese and Dutch. Except the sweet potato that has spread to the Pacific to Papua, Taiwan and Japan in the third and fourth centuries.
Asia Pacific-producing plant type carbohydrates,
Agen Bola Tangkassuch as rice (Oryza sativa), jali (Coix Lacryma-jobi), sago (sago Metroxylon, Metroxylon rumphii), palm (Arenga pinnata), breadfruit (Artocarpus communis), suweg (Amorphophallus campanulatus), iles-iles (Amorphophallus konyac), taro (Colocasia sp), and banana (Musa sp). Now these commodities has also spread to tropical regions around the world. On the African continent there are sorghum (Sorghum bicolor, Andropogon sorghum, Holchus sorghum, Sorghum vulgare and), which is now also cultivated outside the continent, including in Indonesia.
Other carbohydrate sources are uwi-uwian (Dioscorea sp), which are prevalent in Africa, Asia, and tropical America. Wheat, rice, corn, and jali is a source of carbohydrates from whole grains (cereals). Potatoes, cassava, sweet potato, taro, taro, canna, arrowroot, suweg, iles-iles, and uwi-uwian, is a source of carbohydrates in the form of bulbs. Sago, and aren source of stem carbohydrates, such as fruit and breadfruit. Globalization that have occurred since the Middle Ages, has been spreading all the plant's carbohydrate source to all continents, and also to all climate regions.
Raising Geese - Raising Geese Actually not too Difficult, Especially Those who raised geese now it's been rare to find. Yet without a special meal, geese can multiply better than most other birds. Geese as very stubborn and are relatively easy to grow up. They are more res
Roller Blindsistant to disease and requires almost no drugs. Here's explanation of the Raising geese is good and true, this explanation would be useful in order to simplify your Raising Geese. Hopefully Helpful information Cultivation Geese which I describe in this thread.

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Age one month after planting, orchard grass

Age one month after planting, orchard grass grows wild jasmine. Weed is a contender in the jasmine plant needs sunlight, water and nutrients. For weeds that need to be discarded.
Jasmine Fertilizer Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik TerpercayaFertilizer to increase production of jasmine, especially the type of fertilizer rich in phosphorus P, as Gandasil B 6-20-30 / blue Hyponex 10-40-15
Fertilization is done every three months. The type and dosage of fertilizer consists of 300-700 kg Urea, STP and KCI 300-500 kg 100-300 kg / ha / year.
Giving is done by distributed evenly in the trench between the rows of plants 10-15 cm deep, then covered with soil. You can also enter into the fertilizer drill holes around the jasmine plant canopy
When fertilizing before pruning, flowering time, according to the current crop of flowers and less vibrant growth. Fertilizer spraying the leaves do morning or afternoon at 09.00 hours 15:30 to 16:30, or when the sun is not scorching sting.
Watering Flowers MelatiLingkungan suitable for crop growing jasmine, hot tropical climate and a more favorable light on the ground and well drained soil, rich in organic matter with good moisture. However, jasmine is also widely planted in soil that varies its kind. For commercial cultivation of jasmine required soil crusts, porous, sandy and also rich in organic matter that has decomposed (Pizzetti and Coaker, 1968).
Generally seedlings originating from branch cuttings are hard, half-hard and with a length of 5 or 6 segments. Jasmine seedlings can also be obtained by perundukkan of basal branches. For the purposes of widespread planting seeds should be chosen that already have good roots and leafy full. Good seed can be obtained through the nursery pots nursery in plastic bags (polybags).

Betklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014In general, the cultivation of jasmine still uses cultivation techniques based on hereditary experience and has not been supported by adequate production technologies. Jasmine research in Indonesia has not been done, while overseas research done jasmine among others in India.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Aquarium equipment must be planned carefully

Aquarium equipment must be planned carefully . aquatic plant life , as well as provide additional biological filtration components to assist in keeping the nitrate content in water management , provide an environment that resembles at least part of its wild habitat , and fine -leaved plants such as Cabomba plants typically be preferred , though other crops such as Amazon swordplants and Vallisneria equally suitable for their aquarium .
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Floating plants will provide shade . It should be noted in this fish breeding . A biotope ( habitat miniature original ) contained perfect bogwood , some native plant life , dark substrate , plants floating in it and the lights were quiet ( not too bright ) to give them the comfort that they would spawn .
This species exists in several forms of different colors or phenotype . A " gold " and " silver kepirangan " is the form that is in the waters of the Rio Negro which has little longitudinal blue lines . Normal form of the waters of Rio Negro has a blue line that extends to the adipose fin , while the waters of the Orinoco phenotype has a line that stops before its adipose . Orinoco phenotype may be a subspecies of P. axelrodi .

After spawning , the parent may be taken or removed from the aquarium . After 24 hours , the eggs will hatch . Usually the water for the hatchery is not aerated so that the pH stable . If given , aerasinya very kecil.Cara Neon Tetra Fish Farming There also gives leaves that sour acidity of water are met .Transparent colored larvae and rather difficult to see with the naked eye . These larvae are intolerant or resistant to strong light so it would be better if treated in the dark or dim .
Age four days fed larvae can begin . The first larvae f
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014eed infusoria be given for three days . Then the larvae can be nauplii anemia or filtered water fleas . Feed for enlargement in the form of large water fleas .
These include rapid growth of fish as long as conditions are suitable . Magnifying can be started from seed 3-4 weeks old . In the age of the fish was able to be maintained in a bright place , although still to be shaded . Size 1.8 cm or 2.5 months of age already dap