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Breeding Mahogany In Generative

Breeding Mahogany In Generative
Breeding is generally done in generative mahogany but can also be augmented by using shoot cuttings sprout on mahogany trees. The germinated seeds mature / old dry reach 80-90%. Before embedded kernels cut mahogany wings, then planted to a depth of 2-4 cm in the sand media in polybag with the position of the wing cut side facing up. Seed can be weaned to the media is soil + compost (3:1) after 2-4 weeks. Mahogany direct seeding can also be done on soil + compost media. Mahogany seedlings are ready to plant afte  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayar 3-4 months of age with the average height of 30-40.
In Indonesia there are two types namely Swietenia macrophyllia King (large leaf Mahogany) Swietenia mahogany and Jaq (Mahogany small leaves). Broad leaf mahogany
have relatively faster growth than small leaf mahogany.
Photos: Swietenia mahogany Jacq (small leaves) and Swietenia macropyhlla King (leaf width)
1. Procurement seed
To obtain wood productivity and high quality vertical to
enabled the application of good seed. Good seed obtained from tree
seedlings were older than 20 years. Consuming beans do when
fruit ripe dark brown.

2. Soaking seeds
Mahogany seed soaking technique is intended to facilitate the entry of water into the seed pieces. Since the beginning of the process of germination is imbibition process namely the entry of water into the seed to seed water content reaches a certain percentage of between 50-60%. The process of germination can occur if the skin is permeable to water seeds and enough water available to certain osmotic pressure. Due to the occurrence of seed imbibition skin will be soft and cracks. Along with the process of imbibition will occur increases respiration rate activates the enzymes contained therein. To develop the proposed overhaul of food (catabolism) that will produce ATP energy and nutrient elements which will be followed by the formation of protein compounds (anabolism / protein synthesis). For the formation of new cells in the embryo will follow the process of differentiation of cells to form plumula which is a prospective, stems and leaves and radikula which is set to root. The second part of this will be bigger until finally the seeds will germinate.
3. Distribution of seeds
a. Sprinkle media used is sand mixed soil with comparison of 2: 1, then screened with wire screening. Sowing is done evenly across the surface of the media.
b. Another way could be sowing the seeds into a large tub or plastic bags that are given small holes. In this way unnecessary weaning seeds, tetapidiperlukan stitching on plastic bags that the seeds do not grow. The treatment is almost the same as the seed weaned. To keep the soil moisture at seeding, watering is done carefully.
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4. Weaning
Germinated from seed or already have 2-4 leaves can be transferred into plastic bag (polybag) has filled the media. The composition is in common use is a mixture of sand, soil and compost by comparison 7: 2: 1.

A few things to note in weaning seeds among others:
a. Extraction from the soil seed sown must be careful and not root broken / damaged.
b. The seedlings grown in plastic bag stand upright and seedling roots do not fold.
c. Seed spared from cuts
d. Weaning is done in the morning or late afternoon and performed under the auspices of.

Seedlings planted in the field after the completion of ± 6 months of age ± 25 cm high (from the base of the stem to the tip of the leaf), the stems of woody seedlings, seedling diameter> 2 mm, healthy and fresh.

B. Breeding Mahogany With Sprouts Steaks
Breeding techniques shoots cuttings generally done in order to produce seeds in bulk for planting operational requirements. With this technique can produce seeds in large quantities. The materials used are of the bud cuttings / trubusan derived from
SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  crop farms, media cuttings used are sand / compost, growth regulator substances, plastic tub / bucket, label, fungicides, cuttings scissors / knife cutter.

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