Saturday, May 24, 2014

Empowering Sawah land

Empowering Sawah land , marginal land or yard area , while creating models of development to increase income people with berbudidaya fish / shrimp that have high economic value .2 . Improving the quality of fishery commodities exports , both seed supply and consumption3 . Supporting activities tourism development mina :Agen Bola Tangkas food court all fish, fishing and water tourism4 . Supporting the development of integrated farming5 . Inviting groups of fish / shrimp to the level of a professional business and legal entities ( at least members of the cooperative )6 . STAGE DEVELOPMENT FRESHWATER FISHING FARMING ( prawns )
To support the development of freshwater aquaculture export quality , beberpa things that need to be taken are :
1 .Determine the location of each region / area fishery as a central potential for freshwater aquaculture : fish , shrimp ( Government Task )2 . Promoting the investors to invest as well as the core development of freshwater aquaculture . And empower local communities to be educated / trained as a plasma of fish / shrimp freshwater ( Government Task )3 . Implement infrastructure development of freshwater aquaculture , in order to meet the needs of seeds and fish / shrimp consumption in order to meet the local market and for export outside the region ( Tasks Government and Investors )4 . Establish a pattern of cooperation between the Banking , Private as its core , and cooperative groups of fish / shrimp as plasma .5 . Establish marketing network both inside and outside the country with the MOU ( Tasks Government and Investors )6 . Promote the provision of seed fish / shrimp and cheaper for farmers feed fish / shrimp ( Tasks Government and Investors )7 . Provision of Health Services Unit Fish

Roller Blindsa. Fish health parlors are located in the area of ​​production centersb . Around the fish health unit
( The task of Government and Investors )7 . PATTERN PARTNERSHIP CORE PLASMA

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