Thursday, May 29, 2014

Propagation WITH INDUCTION Puppies

Choose a healthy stem with many clumps of saplings.
Cut saplings carefully. Save some segments on sires that still sprout again.
Apply root stimulator to the cut in the stem. The goal is to accelerate the growth of new shoots.
Dip the entire plant saplings in a fungicide solution to prevent fungal infections.
Mdeia planting saplings planted in a mixture of peat and coco husk fuel (3:1).
Place the seedlings in the shade until roots (about 3 weeks).
Give fertilizer with vitamin B1, as Liquinox or IPI, a total of 2 cc / l every 3 days to accelerate root formation.
3. Propagation WITH INDUCTION Puppies
Prepare parent Aglaonema.

Hosting MurahPrepare the pointed tip of a bamboo skewer.
Dip the tip of a sharp bamboo to fungicide solution.
Agalonema skewer rod at the bottom of the stem or as high as 2 cm from the media.
After 1-2 months, the puppies will begin to emerge.
Treat breeders with regular fertilization to produce a child continuously. Fertilizing once a week with a solution of balanced NPK.
Replace the media at least 6 months sires.
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