Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Caterpillar agrotis

Pulau Tidung    Symptoms experienced in the trunk young corn plants are breaking up eventually die .
Agrotis sp . Attack at night and during the day . There are 3 kinds armyworm / agrotis this , namely :

Agrotis segetum , who is black , often found in highland areas .
Agrotis ipsilon , brownish-black , found in upland areas and low
Agrotis INTERJECTION , black color , there are many on the island of Java
3 . Control caterpillars with insecticides Dursban 20 EC , at a dose of 2 ml per 1 liter of water . Each hectare can be used 500 liters of solution
4 . Borer leaf and stem borer

Parts of maize plants attacked by caterpillars and Sesamia inferens pyrasauta nubilasis is lower stem segments and leaf buds growing point of the corn crop .
Symptoms plants wither .
Countermeasures by using insecticides Azodrin 15 WSC at a dose of 30 liters in 10 liters of water .

5 . Caterpillar cob ( Heliothis armigera )

Symptoms can be seen in the presence of bite marks on the presence of tunnels in the seed and corn cobs .
Cob caterpillar attack / enter the plant through the corn cobs , corn kernels new consuming .
Control by spraying using Furadan 3G or to make a hole near the plant , given insecticide and closed again .
The dose used is 10 grams per square meter .
Should be done when the corn crop is flowering , not before harvest , because it can harm us who participated consume corn because residues of the insecticide .
Disease in maize, namely :

Taruhan Bola Online1 . Blight leaf or leaf rustLeaf blight can be divided into three kinds , namely :Corn plants are plants that have high levels of photosynthesis , thus, it needs sunlight . So a good location for the cultivation of maize is an open area in the form of paddy fields atu which is not protected from sunlight .

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