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It is a stretch of pond aquaculture Anadara shells or

It is a stretch of pond aquaculture Anadara shells or shells also called virgin. The area of ​​approximately 200 acres of their area. Its location in Losari, Cirebon, West Java. Virgin shells ponds is managed by a group of fish farmers developed coastal beaches.
Shellfish cultivation of virgin into an alternative business for fish agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya  farmers here after tiger shrimp that previously occupied the local farmers and the declining prospects are no longer profitable.
To reach the location of shellfish aquaculture virgin in Cirebon from Jakarta via toll road Jakarta can - Cikampek. After exiting the toll gate, proceed down the path toward the northern coast village of Tawang Sari, Losari, Cirebon.
Most of Tawang Sari village residents work as farmers ponds, because it is so entered this village, scattered ponds where - where. To reach the location of shellfish farms virgin, I had to pass through a small path in the middle of the ponds in the heart - the heart. This time I was ushered officers and marine fisheries district office blood Cirebon.Kerang (Anadara granosa) is a kind of shellfish commonly eaten by the people of East Asia and Southeast Asia. Members of this tribe are called shells Arcidae blood because he produced hemoglobin in the red liquid that it generates.

SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAThis mussel inhabits the Indo-Pacific region and the spread of the coast of Africa east to Polynesia. This animal likes to bury itself into the sand or mud and stay in the zone tides. Adult size of 5 to 6 cm long and 4 to 5 cm wide. [1]
Shellfish cultivation blood has been done and it has a good economic value. Although usually boiled or steamed, these shells can also be fried or used as satai and dry food snacks. There also eat them raw.
As shells in general, blood clams are bivalves that live in the kind of bottom waters and has a characteristic that is covered by two pieces of shell (valve) which can be opened and closed because there is an elastic hinge joints in the form of a valve connecting the two.
Blood shells have two shells that can open and close by using the adductor muscle in his body. Thick shell on the dorsal and ventral thin. The shell consists of three layers, namely (1) periostrakum is the outermost layer of chitin which serves as a protective (2) layers of
BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  prismatic crystals composed of limestone shaped prism, (3) nakreas layer or layers of mother of pearl is often called, is composed of layer of calcite (carbonate) are thin and parallel. Rear 1.1.Latar

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