Sunday, March 23, 2014

The owner of this face generally have a stable character

The owner of this face generally have a stable character, honest and balanced. They are ordinary people who make satisfaction. Could get married more than once and fiery lovers. Square face signifies that sensitive personal on public issues, a sense implusif and sometimes stubborn. If male, usually staunchly in the establishment, kontes seo 2014 they are also known as people who are passionate, loyal not only troublesome in sex because it is easy courted. Generous also the most obvious characteristic. They have always been a good and loyal friend. They always put his friends number one in life, in return asked of their honesty and obedience.

The shape of the jaw face width sempi berdagi
Chinese people connect this with the elements of the face of the earth, because of its good and only changed slightly by age. They tend to be aggressive and stubborn. If you decide they should see the results as quickly as possible. They were ready to fight to the death for the achievement of the will, especially to their emotional life. If a man, hard to be the perfect father for not being able to get along with their children and tend not to follow the growth of children.

Triangular face shape
This face expresses the spirit of tireless, plus overflow, intelligent and sensual brain. They usually tend to be ambitious and self-effacing. Many great teaser in history as Mary Tudor and Elizabeth of Austria belong to this group, also artist Merlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor and Pier Angeli. Generally this type is often not happy in your love life.

They tend to leave the family for impulsiveness. In some cases, mental conflicts often affect their behavior. When interested in new experiences and fascinated by the intimate relationship of the opposite sex, they can oppose their decision to travel, changing jobs or escape from the routines of daily life that are considered as a nuisance.
Face shape forehead with a square chin
They generally have a strong vitality, persistent, but it's hard to think positive. Like to seek attention and take advantage of every opportunity that life. Their lives are filled with activity and anticipation. Friendly, but it's hard to be friends. Always tense and lacking spontaneity. Very good at making love, but want their own tasty. Therefore they did not hesitate disconnect, if deemed disruptive career or social position.

Got a great attention to the physical achievement. Many jumpers and racers have this type of face. Because it does not like to waste time for trivial purposes, consequently they often seem not interested in anything.
They are generally blessed with long life, as if they keep the energy for important goals. They are good at talking, quiet but stubborn to change.
Face shape with bony cheeks
The main quality of the owner's face with prominent cheekbones is a strong character, diligent, mental energy and ability to get up from the fall. Mistakes they usually come from yourself. People with this face type is often a leader, but often also appear kontes seo 2014  among the adventurers who are less well or as criminals and spies.

They are known to be unstable and agitated. If a man has a face like this usually can not be a faithful husband and trustworthy. Women even so, is not stable in her love life, tend to dominate and very happy couple courted. To live happily with their required capabilities to support their tendencies and give consideration.

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