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Agriculture Greetings ! Gateway colleagues Agricultural Everything,JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya

Agriculture Greetings ! Gateway colleagues Agricultural Everything, including the durian fruit is always ngetrend until now . If I may say durian is the fruit crops exclusively for men prices are always expensive and never knew the words JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya  anjlog price . Every time there is durian price always expensive . Because it is so many farmers cultivate crops or try hobiis good durian plantation acreage or scale in the pot ( tabulapot ) .
One obstacle that is often experienced in the fruit cultivation The crop is as difficult to bear . Many cases farmers have durian plant conservation for more than 3 years but they do not visit the durian crop flowering especially fruitful . Therefore, this Gateway Agriculture will share some tips on how to not only bear but how volumizing durian durian . What would maspary write only the result of the conclusions some durian farmers around Banyumas district .
To lend and The crop yielded not only influenced by climatic factors but also should take into soil , pest and disease germ itself. Let's cover some influence of each factor on :

Seedlings are factors that determine crop growth and fruiting durian . Perform purchase durian seedling to seed sellers can really have us believe. If you have to plant seeds of durian seller who dare to give guarantees . We need to be careful in choosing the seeds because the seller does not currently little naughty durian seedling in order to gain a second.
The crop since we planted we should give organic fertilizer (both solid or liquid ) and enough nutrient through the soil for vegetative growth of durian . It aims to plant durian has a good vegetative growth before entering the generative conception or vase .
In observance should follow the climate. Meaning if the rainy season we genjot vegetatifnya growth in preparation for flowering and fruiting in the dry season ( summer fruit ) .
We must understand the truth about durian crop pests and diseases and how to overcome them. Because there durian crop pests and diseases that we can not obati but should we block.
Once we do all the number 1 to nu JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  mber 4 and it appears we have not durian crop flowering and fruiting even then needed to accelerate flowering aphrodisiac . I know there are two types of stimulants durian flowering in plants . The first is Paclobutrazol and the second is NF.Durian .
Just a pity if using paclobutrazol according to some testimony farmers complain much less effective and some have complained strainer using Paclobutrazol duian can damage crops .
As some farmers experience around Banyumas district that has used NF.Durian is as follows:

Pak Gun. Contribute Causeway Sari Village Districts . He planted 30 durian crop stalks Gandatapa vilage . After 3-5 years preserved durian crop , he is yet to blossom as well. Finally he tried to mengocorkan NF.Durian 1 bottle of 9 crops durian ( 4 local durian planted from seed 4-5 years old and 5 durian MONTONG aged 3 years) . After 3 months of local durian crop applications he has flowered and the MONTONG 1-2 months out of flowers. Previously he was trying Paclobutrazol but have not borne fruit .
Pak Yanto . Rural Districts sandwiched between Punggelan Banjarnegara . He tried the durian crop of new 2 -year old . He applied at 5 The crop NF.Durian MONTONG and eventually blossom all .
Pak Sudirman . Desa Karang Sari Kebasen . He planted 10 sticks Cani durian crops around the yard of his house. Prior to putting fruit crop NF.Durian only around 14 perpohon . Then he tried to plant durian NF.Durian to 2 ( pake 25 ml / trunk ) , and unusual two is capable of fruiting crops to 80 details perpohon (about 30 pieces weighing 5 kg and a nice shape , the rest weighs about 3 kg ) . This has become possible because it is not done perempelan to bear too much and not uniform .
As for dosage use to lend and would NF.Durian The crop is as follows:
The crop AGE


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DESCRIPTION2-3 Years 5-10 ml / 2 liter dikocor crops around4-5 Years 10-15 ml / 2 liter rooting crops with6-9 Years 15-20 ml / plant 3 liter diameter10-24 Years 20-25 ml / plant 3 liters of 40-60 cm25 years or more than 30 ml / plant 3 liter
NF.Durian can also be used to bore out the durian season , we kocorkan live about 4 months before flowering time we want.
You grow durian and experience constraints in lend and membuahkannya please try NF.Durian . The price is only Rp.160.000 per bottle of 50 ml volume . If you are interested please contact Maspary on 081 226 302 97 ( SMS ONLY ) . For more details about the product please read the Agricultural Gateway menu order , and delive
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