Thursday, February 20, 2014

To stimulate and accelerate the emergence of Guava flower

To stimulate and accelerate the emergence of Guava flower , reproduce ' dompolan " flowers ( bunches ) guava at each stage ( stage of development ) and also accelerate the growth of guava fruit , spraying can be done right dg pd Pulau Pari² branch shoots liquid organic fertilizer .
To prevent fruit fly pests and accelerate the growth of interchangeable pieces made ​​with plastic pembrongsongan
Pest and Disease Control
Because the market needs is that organic red guava , then in control of pests and diseases need to be considered to not use chemical pesticides , because pesticides are poison .
The use of botanical pesticide , BVR , or chorine when it is needed is a recommended alternative . But in an integrated pest control technical, biological and other naturally should come first .
All kinds of plant pests shaped guava plant grass that was around guava plants that interfere with the growth and development of plant seeds , and therefore the need dilakukanpenyiangan regularly .
3 . harvest

Pulau TidungGuava plants are nursery done by grafting , age 6 bl - 1 yr was able to bear fruit , with the characteristics of pink colored solid green light to be white -white in this condition, the guava has been ready for harvest . But it would be optimal production plants account after the age of 2 ( two ) years .
The best way of harvesting is learned along the stems , which are ripe ( just ripe ) as well as tree trimming agartidak be damaged ,
If the maintenance is done properly , then every 3 ( three ) days can be done plucking . Red guava plants in the fruiting season almost did not recognize , treat essential pruning and leaf perempelan always do ..
When handling and maintenance since nursery until panendilakukan is good and right and then meet existing rules dapatdiperkirakan get the expected results . At planting 100
Pulau Pramukatrees after 6-8 months after planting cuttings of trees have started flowering and 3 months have started to harvest , harvesting is done every 3 days once the results of each crop weighing 100 kg guava fruit , the age of 2 years after the plant can produce 300 kg . The selling price to the consumer now reached Rp . 5000 , -/kg , the selling price to the traders about Rp 2,000 - Rp 3000/kg .

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