Friday, April 25, 2014

In the village the village Kuluwut Harapankarya for example

In the village the village Kuluwut Harapankarya for example, most of the women used to be the craftsman chips. Call it Ny.Dasiah (50), a housewife who had 8 sons and 8 grandchildren was one of the many women who have become daily dozen years craftsmen ch;postID=1374514980089081752ips. At the moment a small capital, he sold his own production at the same result. But when Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia he does not have the capital to purchase raw materials, Ny. Dasiah only be a laborer chips maker for the owners of larger capital (cengkaw). In an average day he could produce between 5kg 6kg sd melinjo into crackers. From the results of his work he earned wages Rp.1.700, -/kg.
Activity produces regular chips he started at 05.00 pm dawn until 13:00 pm. Manufacturing is done in the back patio of his house. Equipment is very simple, consisting of a slab of stone or wood diameter +30 CM, stone beater / rice pestle (hammer stone), a tool for drying (nyiru or lijen), furnace, Katel (panyangrayan), figure as well as firewood and sand. While he used the remaining time to take care of the family as well as gathering firewood for fuel purposes in the kitchen as well as to produce chips. It is conceivable, the day he was only able to earn wages 10,000, - to help cover the needs of family life which was a big amount. While her husband Marto (52) works as a farmer whose income is too meager.
"Not bad bae lah, seagrass TEU kieu, kumaha man of closure kabutuhan kaluarga sir? Ja Salaki with saukur farmer. Komo ayeuna time mah, USIM halodo, crisp rice geh jeung TEU can be processed. Alhamdulillah kanggo Emam child-cukupkeun dicukup mah bae "(Fair only, if not so, how do I cover the needs of the family sir? While the husband is only a farmer. Especially at this time, the dry season, rice is dry and can not be tilled. Praise for a meal children, ducukup both ends meet) Ny said. Dasiah softly, when met on the sidelines of his swing mashing melinjo one by one.
According to Mrs.. Dasiah, raw materials purchased melinjo usual average Rp.6000, -/kg. While the sale price Rp.17.000 until 18.000/kg chips. 1kg of raw Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya materials can produce 7-8 ounces of dry chips. "Depending tangkilna, upami kulitna Beureum, hasilna can nyampe 8 ounces / kg, but seagrass kenek mah atah - kulitna koneng, hasilna 7ons/kg average. Hasilna geh fried Rada, kulumudan jeung genyeh. "(Depending melinjonya, if the red color of his skin, the results can reach 8 0ns/kg, but if it is still raw - yellow skin color, the result is an average of 7 ounces / kg. Less good results also, skinned ari / inner skin melinjo sticking and mushy).

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